Doctrine ORM and DDD from the ground up

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Learning how to use an ORM generally improves the quality and efficiency of the work done by a developer, but the tools need to be used in the appropriate way for that to happen.

In this course, we cover how to build a simple persistence-agnostic application by modeling around a business domain.

By doing so, we learn how and when to integrate a data-mapper ORM with our system, as well as the mistakes done by most development teams when doing so.

Topics covered

  • Modeling simple business logic into aggregates
  • Manually implementing repositories, without the usage of ORMs
  • Doctrine ORM mappings, where to place them, how to use them
  • Association mappings, how to design associations, as well as when to define them and when not to
  • DQL (Doctrine Query Language) basics, pitfalls, performance tricks
  • Second Level Cache usage
  • Mapping Value Objects with Doctrine

Prerequisites for participants

Every attendee should:

  • have a basic understanding of object-oriented PHP code
  • bring a laptop
  • have PHP 7.1, PDO and PDO-SQLite installed (no VMs or Apache needed: just the PHP binaries and extensions)
  • have an SQLite editor installed (usually bundled in PHPStorm)