Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian has believed in Open Source from day one. He has a university degree in computer science, and has created the industry-leading testing tool PHPUnit, which has played a vital role in professionalizing software development with PHP. He shares his comprehensive experiences in publications and at conferences. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company, Sebastian helps his clients to develop software successfully. In his free time, he works on PHPUnit, likes board games, and really enjoys making fancy ice cream.


Building Testable Applications

Even projects that started promising often turn into a maintenance nightmare on the long run. Code that looked "good enough" in the beginning turns out to be not flexible enough for changing requirements. Adaptations and enhancements start to turn into waves of regressions, and nobody really enjoys working on the code any more. Learn more


Getting Started with PHPUnit

If you want to be sure that your software works correctly then you need to continuously test it. Automated tests save you from pressing F5 in the browser all the time as well as from using debug statements such as var_dump() in your code. They are also cheaper than manual tests and easier to implement than you may think.

How do I test my code with as little effort as possible? How do I execute as few lines of code as possible to test what I am really interested in? And what does this have to do with clean code?

Attendees of this session will learn why they should include PHPUnit into their set of development tools.