Georgiana Gligor

After using PHP for more than a decade, I'm a living proof that geek girls are an asset to any team. I love taming the Force of the DevOps dark side and mentoring team mates in achieving craftsmanship. Over the past year I dived deep into Artificial Intelligence, using Watson and Rainbird to deliver real-life applications. This also led me into starting a PhD in Systems Engineering.


Building a chatbot, from idea to production

We will look together at the challenges one faces when building a chatbot and delivering it to the end-users. Some of the aspects we will cover are:

Depending on the available time left and on the audience level, we can increase the complexity of the exercises and address more complex scenarios.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have all the tools you need to take chatbot building seriously and start your own.


Building Johnny the Deployer: A LAMP Stack Professional's Journey to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence products are all the rage these days. How do we, as LAMP stack professionals, ensure we embark this wonderful journey? After working on AI-powered applications for a while now, we'll show you how we built, with PHP, a devops chatbot that enables the release manager skip the confusing discussions with the tekkies and master the release process.